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"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origins and culture is like a tree without roots"  Marcus Garvey

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Just in time for reunions, we have scanned and uploaded the RRHS 1975 Yearbook and can be found in the Yearbook section.

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We took pictures of the Christmas Decorations in Rouge and have uploaded them to the Picture Gallery.

Lofton Greene,  Our Lady of Lourdes,  Military,  Sports,  Union Second Baptist Church,  Christ Lutheran Church,  Tool Room,  Political,  Rouge High,  Parlor,  Police & Fire Depts.,  Edmund Fitzgerald & Shipyard,  Hockey and more.

First documented farm / homestead in 1781
Settled in 1808
Became a Village in 1899
Became a City in 1922

The River Rouge Historical Museum is housed in the historical building located on West Jefferson Avenue. Built in 1928 by the Gallagher family to house a funeral home and living quarters, the business was closed in the late 1970's and converted to office space by the Whitehead & Kales Co. When Whitehead & Kales closed its doors in the 1980's, National Steel purchased the property to house their computer center.



The building was donated to the City of River Rouge by National Steel in 1998 and re-opened as a historical museum. Displays feature authentic parlor furniture and stove from 1890's, pictures of the people and events that called River Rouge home beginning as early as 1914 to the present, and a cache of other various items of sentimental value to all those "Rouge-ites" both past present and future.

A visit to Michigan's River Rouge Historical Museum surrounds us with brilliance, enlightens us and gives us a richer appreciates for the world around us. So let's have a look at the work of the downriver masters. Let's see the stories of our ancestors come alive, and let's learn first-hand what we have only read about.

Located at 10750 West Jefferson
River Rouge, MI 48218-1232

Museum is Open Sundays
12:00 pm till 4:00 pm
For futher information contact the Mayor's Office at (313)842-4200

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